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21. Generally speaking, employers should not ______ themselves in the private affairs of their staff.

A. involve B. inform C. remind D. accuse

22. I must make good preparations for the interview because I’ve been out of work for six months and really can’t ______ losing the job again.

A. deny B. predict C. guarantee D. risk

23. When you report this story to the police, don’t ____ any important detail.

A. bring out  B. let out  C. leave out  D. put out

24. In fact, what ______ me most about her painting is not the style but the colors she uses.

A. refers to  B. appeals to  C. subscribes to  C. exposes to

25. The doctor advised her to eat more bean products _____meat which might be harmful to her heart disease.

A. for lack of B. by means of C. in place of D. in favor of

26. Make sure the gas is turned off after a bath, which would ______ cause danger.

A. anyhow B. meanwhile C. furthermore D. otherwise

27. The statistic figures in the report are not ______. You should not refer to them.

A. delicate B. accurate C. automatic D. flexible

28. A nursery rhyme may not make sense and even seem ______ , but they are easy to learn and recite.

A. emotional B. educational C. contradictory D. aggressive

29. Caroline has worked hard for her English exam so that she can pass it at her first ______.

A. assistance B. appetite C. attempt D.aim  

30. PM 2.5 is a professional ______ indicating the condition of air pollution, which is becoming more and more familiar to the common Chinese.

A. term B. item C. poison D. case


Receiving is Giving

I learned about giving in a gentle, caring way. Because my mother was a skilled tailor,I was a ___31___ child. It might have been something related to “the joy of giving” that makes me ___32___ several of my most fashionable dresses to a less ___33___ little girl, who lived with disabled parents.

    After thanking me gratefully, the little girl ___34___  me her only party dress. Puzzled, I tried to ___35___, but my mother guided me. She thanked the girl and told her how ___36___ I would be wearing the dress. Then I came to know that my greatest gift to the girl was   ___37___ of the gift she offered me.

    Many years later, I stood by___38___as my small rabbit Ashley lay ___39___. Suddenly she noticed a scratch(抓痕)on the ___40___of her friend Lillian. With a last burst of ___41___ ,she raised her head and began to ___42___ Lillian’s cut. With more strength than she had ___43___in several weeks, she struggled to make Lillian feel ___44___. Lillian’s last gift to her dying friend was to___45___. Actually, Lillian just sat there to accept Ashley’s ___46___ and gentle cleaning quietly on her shoulder.

    ___47___then, I have witnessed the same phenomenon several times. Dying rabbits take care of the ___48___ rabbits, who give by ___49___ themselves to be cared for. I’m just astonished to see animals show such pride, self-respect, and a sense of when to give and ___50___ to receive.

I think we human beings have to learn this: sometimes receiving is giving.

31 A well-known B well-behaved 

C well-educated  D well-dressed

32 A give in B give up C give away D give out

33 A fortunate B beautiful C total D optimistic

34 A showed B offered C donated D selected

35 A escape B apologize C refuse D avoid

36 A contented B confused C surprised D puzzled

37 A sneeze B refusal C acceptance D scolding

38 A helplessly   B impatiently C curiously D dynamically

39 A sleeping B resting C singing D dying

40 A face B shoulder C head D hand

41 A force B energy C attention D power

42 A cover   B correct C cure D clean

43 A followed B increased C gathered D adored  

44 A convenient B comfortable C selfless D unbearable

45 A share B receive C give D teach

46 A sympathy B admiration C concern D respect

47 A Since B After C Before D By

48 A wounded   B excited C relaxed D damaged

49 A hoping B promising C agreeing D allowing

50 A when B how C where D what



A new word has suddenly become wildly popular in China - "tuhao" - which loosely translated means "nouveau riche". There have been more than 100 million references to the word "tuhao" on social media since early September.

It's being used to describe everything from the new People's Daily building, to expensive celebrity weddings full of bling, and the new gold-coloured iPhone.

In Chinese "tu" means earth and "hao" means rich. To say someone is tuhao is to imply they come from a poor peasant background, and have made it rich quick - but don't quite have the manners, or sophistication to go along with it. It's like the term "nouveau riche", says Professor Steve Tsang at the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies in Nottingham - but has even more negative meanings, suggesting a certain vulgarity(粗俗).

"Tuhao" is actually an old word - dating back perhaps as far as the Southern Dynasty 1,500 years ago - but it has always meant something rather different. During the communist revolution, from the 1920s to early 1950s, it was widely used to refer to landholders and gentry who would bully those beneath them.

This new usage of the term took off in September after a widely-shared joke about a rich, but unhappy man, who goes to a Buddhist monk for advice, expecting to be told to live a more simple life. The monk replies instead with the phrase: "Tuhao, let's be friends!"

Chinese internet users are highly creative in their use of language, and are constantly inventing, and re-inventing words as a way of getting past censorship rules. But in this case, its popularity seems to be down to the fact that it brieflyhttp://www.ks5u.com/  expresses China's changing society so well - many people sneer at those with wealth, but are secretly jealous.

51. What is the best title of the passage?

A. Tuhao, a new popular word in China

B. The long history of Tuhao

C. The new usage of Tuhao

D. Tuhao, a newly-invented Chinese word

52. Which of the following may NOT be considered “tuhao”?

A. A vulgar nouveau riche  

B. A bully landholder

C. A quick-rich peasant without proper manners

D. A Buddhist monk.

53. The last but one paragraph mainly tells us ______.

A. what the new usage of the word is

B. how the word becomes popular again

C. why the unhappy man went to the Buddhist monk

D. what advice the monk gave the unhappy man

54. What does the underlined word in the last paragraph mean?

A. respect  B. envy  C. underestimate  D. disbelieve 


Hands down, Chinese company Lao Gan Ma makes the most delicious hot sauce we've ever tasted. Seriously, don't be fooled by the grumpy-looking lady on the jar! The deeply caramelized chilies, garlic, onions, soybeans and peanuts give this chili paste unbelievable flavor, while Sichuan peppercorns add a mouth-tingling zip.

BEWARE!! This hot sauce has peanuts in it. Watch out for that if you have or you know people with allergies.

Below are comments from netizens.

1. I have at least 20 different hot sauces; this is by far the best one. There chili oil, bean and chili flakes and peanuts, which work together perfectly. The spice level is also great- not the lasting habanero style burn, but more of a warm smooth heat.

2. I’m an international student from China studying in New York right now. Well more precisely I'm from Sichuan, where people are known for liking eating spicy food. There's a popular saying among Chinese students studying abroad that "Lao Gan Ma (Old Auntie or something similar) is the goddess of Chinese students overseas". Funny but true! When we are not used to other non-Chinese food yet, we totally miss the taste! With this chili sauce, it's like being at home again. But the price of this on Amazon is incredibly expensive, back in China; it costs less than ONE US DOLLAR! Oh... I miss China and Chinese food!

3. This stuff is dangerously addictive. I wanted something similar to what I got at the Szechuan restaurant. Well I then came across this and was pleased with the reviews then purchased two jars. SO GLAD I DID. It does have some tiny peanut pieces that are crispy toasty, yum. The heat is very notable and smooth.

4. This product is more of a dipping sauce for eating with plain rice. But it took about a fifth of the bottle to fully season 2+ cups of brown rice. At $8.59/bottle this is too expensive. I found it in my local Asian market for $2.79. Turns out there are about numerous versions produced by this company, some of which may be worth exploring.

55. Why does the author mention the lady on the jar?

A. To show us who made the sauce.

B. To prove she is really too grumpy to fool you.

C. To tell us the sauce is really inviting.

D. To explain the sauce is as old as the lady.

56. What do the second and the fourth netizen have in common?

A. Both of them come from China.

B. Both of them think the sauce sold abroad expensive.

C. Both of them are international students.

D. Both of them bought Lao Gan Ma on the internet.

57. How did the third netizen feel after s/he bought the sauce?

A. S/he was addicted to it because it is very addictive.

B. S/he regretted having bought it because it is too expensive.

C. S/he was very excited that she bought it.

D. S/he thought it was too spicy.

58. According to the passage, what can we conclude about LaoGanMa?

A. People who are allergic to peanuts can freely enjoy it.

B. It is more popular and more expensive in America than in China.

C. The company produced only one kind of sauce.

D. It is a spicy bean sauce made in China.


In the United States, the lonely have Reddit and cats. In China, they have Singles' Day, which falls on Nov. 11 -- 11.11, the four ones symbolizing "bare branches," Chinese slang for bachelors. Thought to have originated about 20 years ago as a joke on college campuses, Singles' Day was once an occasion for confessing one's feelings to that special someone. But since 2010, online retailers have transformed the holiday, also known as "Double 11," into an epic online shopping extravaganza(盛会)alike to America's Cyber Monday.

Jack Ma, founder of Internet giant Alibaba, told Chinese Premier Li Keqiang late last month that Alibaba's sales on Singles' Day 2012 were "nearly $3.3 billion" -- more than double the roughly $1.5 billion purchased on Cyber Monday in 2012. For Singles' Day 2013, Ma expects sales to exceed $4.9 billion.

The rise of singletons as a consumer group is not without its own costs. Chinese business magazine Caijing reported that big delivery companies were forced to scramble to find over 100 extra airplanes to handle the 323 million parcels they needed to deliver over the Singles' Day shopping period.

The holiday strains the logistics system: Products frequently sell out or arrive late. Even when everything moves smoothly, consumers complain about commercial gimmicks (花招). According to the Beijing Evening News, a popular local paper, some online retailers quietly raise prices before slashing them.

Chinese are no strangers to loneliness: There are tens of millions of men in China who may never find love due to the country's massive gender imbalance, a result of the One Child Policy and a longstanding preference for male children. Chinese women don't have it easy either: Those who remain unmarried at the ripe old age of 27 risk being labeled "leftover women".

Although poverty and singledom are often linked outcomes in China, at least one web user was sure of which was worse. "Spending Singles' Day alone isn't that scary," he wrote. "What's scary is when you're so poor you can't even enjoy Taobao's ‘Double 11.'"

59. What can we infer about America's Cyber Monday from the text?

A. It is a day for the singles in America.

B. It is celebrated every Monday by the Americans.

C. It is an online shopping day for the Americans.

D. It doubled the sales of Alibaba's on Singles' Day 2012.

60. What is the main idea of paragraphs 3 and 4?

A. Extra airplanes are needed to deliver the Day’s shopping.

B. Products are arriving late.

C. Customers are complaining about the Day.

D. Cost is high for consumers on that day.

61. What can we know from the last two paragraphs?

A. Being poor means being single for a lifetime.

B. Many Chinese men are single because of gender imbalance.

C. Being single is even worse than being poor in China.

D. There are more singled female than singled male in China.

62. What can we conclude about Singles' Day from the text?

A. All online retailers will raise prices before slashing them.

B. Jack Ma first founded the festival.

C. Its original meaning is to confess one’s feeling to a boy or girl.

D. The sales for Singles' Day 2013 is over $4.9 billion.


  The survey by The Harvard Crimson was emailed to incoming first year undergraduates; 1,600 students responded. Results showed that at least a tenth of the students polled admitted to having cheated on an exam before starting at the university, while almost half admitted to cheating on their homework.

Athletes were apparently the most prone to cheating. 20 percent of students who played a university sport admitted to cheating on an exam compared to 9 percent of students who did not.

The survey also revealed that men were not only more likely to cheat but were also more likely to admit to it.

The results, compared to a previous survey done on the class of 2013, suggested that cheating may be becoming more commonplace. Of the outgoing seniors only 7 percent admitted to cheating in an exam and another 7 percent said they had been dishonest on a take-home test. 32 percent of the seniors said they had cheated on homework during their undergraduate years.

The surveys come in the wake of a cheating scandal at the university which saw 120 students investigated for sharing answers on an exam in 2012. One recent graduate stated: “Cheating was commonplace when I was at Harvard, especially with students in their first year or two. I would say as many as 60 per cent of students took notes into some exams. No one really cared and the faculty, well some of them at least, seemed to recognize and yet ignore the problem”.

In an email to NBC News, Jeff Neal, a Harvard representative, explained that a committee, made up of faculty, staff and students had been established to tackle cheating, which “is a national problem in American education”.

63. Of the following 4 university students, who is most likely to cheat?

A. Jack, an athletic freshman   

B. Rose, a second-year student

C. John, a second-year student  

D. Maria, a first-year student 

64. According to para.4& 5, which of the following statement can be inferred?

A. They have done more than one survey.

B. only 7% of the seniors have cheated in the exams.

C. It seems more and more undergraduates are cheating.

D. Students are more likely to cheat in their senior years.

65. Why did The Harvard Crimson conduct the survey?

A. Because they want to wake up the cheating students.     

B. Because the faculty recognized and yet ignored the problem.

C. Because cheating has become a more commonplace.

D. Because there was a cheating scandal at the university.

66. Which word has the closest meaning to the underlined word “tackle” in the last paragraph?

A. stop  B. punish  C. solve  D explain   


Expert   Tricks   on   Iphone5

We don't want to change your phone, we want to make you say, Wow, that is a bigger change than I expected. Iphone 5 is a result of that desire to surprise. It's been completely redesigned.

For the first time ever, we've increased the size of display by making the screen taller but not wider. You can see more of your content without the need to scroll(滚动). We are making scrolling the thing of the past. Iphone 5 is more comfortable to use and reduces scrolling tiredness when reading long documents.

Even with the larger display, iphone 5 is the thinnest iphone we ever built. To achieve the design this tall, we have to look at it and completely redesign the internal architecture. It's 18% thinner and 79.5% taller than the previous iphone.

It makes everything you do on iPhone 5 feels easier and just move of your arm away. No more hidden menus, no confusing gestures. Everything is right at your fingertips.

The panorama feature(全景功能) is simply wonderful. The ultra HD widescreen display let you get your entire shot in a single snap. You can also use your iPhone 5's innovative design for image stabilization.

With an iphone this tall, reception has never been better. You enjoy crystal-clear clarity on even the longest calls.

And of course, all your favorite applications are still available. In fact you will find your old favorites also benefit from the new experiencing handsome ultra HD widescreen. We found while many previous iphone owners were using Facetime, they only use it for the faces. That's why we are introducing Bodytime. Using iPhone 5's ultra HD widescreen display, Bodytime let you see a person's entire body, allowing you to detect mannerisms and defects like never before.

We look way beyond what our thoughts expects, it took all of our learning, all of our thinking to realize something so simple, so clear, and yet so tall.

Iphone 5, the tallest thing to happen to iphone since iphone.

67. Which of the following is true of the changed iphone5?

A. It is taller, thinner but not wider.

B. It is taller, wider and thicker.

C. It is taller, wider and thinner.

D. It is shorter, wider and thinner.

68. With this new iphone, you can do all the following except____.

A. Doing things easily on iPhone 5 by moving arm away.

B. Using Bodytime for a person's entire body.

C. Getting the entire shot in a single snap.

D. Missing some of your previous favorite applications.

69. How thick is the redesigned iphone5 if the present one is 7.6mm in thickness?

A. 6.232mm B. 6.042mm C.1.368mm D. 1.558mm

70. What is the main idea of the passage?

A. We don’t want to change your phone.

B. Scrolling on the phone will be the thing of the past.

C. Iphone 5 will be the tallest thing to happen.

D. All your favorite apps are still available on the new Iiphone5.



Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.